What does the eye icon 👁️ mean on Mastodon?

If you’re browsing a thread on Mastodon through your server’s website or on the web app, you may have noticed an icon in the top right corner that looks like an eye 👁️

Clicking this icon reveals or hides all posts in the thread that are hidden by Content Warnings (CW). If the posts with CWs are hidden, click on the eye to open them all at once, or click again to close them all.

This feature is really useful on threads with a lot of posts hidden by CWs, as it means you don’t have to open each CW one by one.

I can’t see the eye, where is it?

The eye icon is only visible when you’re viewing a thread. You can view a thread by clicking on a post, which will show you the thread the post comes from.

I clicked the eye and it doesn’t seem to do anything?

Try clicking it again. If you have one post revealed and you click the eye, it just hides that post and leaves the rest hidden, so it appears to do nothing. When you click again, it opens all the posts at once.

There’s an eye in the official app but it doesn’t reveal the whole thread?

The official Mastodon app also has an eye symbol but it’s displayed in posts rather than at the top of threads, and it just reveals the contents of that specific post.

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