Crossposting between Mastodon and Twitter/X

You can automatically crosspost between Mastodon and Twitter in either direction using third party services. Crossposting means when you post on Mastodon the same content will also be posted on Twitter (or vice versa).

This can be controversial if you’re just mirroring your Twitter account to Mastodon without interacting on Mastodon at all. Some servers specifically ban such “zombie accounts”. Going in the other direction, if you’re active on Mastodon and mirroring it to Twitter, there’s generally no controversy.

Which crossposting services are available?

Professional paid crossposting services such as Buffer ⧉ and Publer ⧉ are still working, but bear in mind the money you pay to them will partially be paid to Elon Musk’s company too as that is the only way anyone can access Twitter’s API nowadays.

There used to be lots of free crossposting services, but all of them have shut down due to Elon Musk’s closure of Twitter’s free API.

Should I monitor my account if it is posting content automatically?

Yes! Your followers will want to reply to your social media posts, and it is a good idea to react to what they say.

However, if it isn’t possible for you to monitor your accounts, please mark them as automated through Mastodon. This lets people know that you’re posting in one direction only.

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