Finding people to follow on Pixelfed

To find people to follow on Pixelfed, you can use most of the same techniques and directories that Mastodon etc. users use.

Pixelfed is not just about Pixelfed accounts! You can also follow non-Pixelfed accounts from elsewhere on the Fediverse like Mastodon etc. To follow a non-Pixelfed account, paste its Fediverse address into the search box within Pixelfed. The account’s profile will then appear in the search results and you can click Follow to follow it.

After you follow them, non-Pixelfed posts will start appearing in your timeline but they will look just like Pixelfed posts, and you can interact with them in exactly the same way. The process is so seamless you probably won’t notice they’re from another type of server.

Can I follow text-based accounts on Pixelfed?

Yes, but it’s a slightly complicated situation.

  • New accounts on the latest version of Pixelfed will see text-only posts automatically
  • Old accounts on the latest version of Pixelfed will not see text-only posts
  • Accounts on older versions of Pixelfed can opt into seeing text-only posts if they want to (see the procedure below)

On older versions of Pixelfed you could opt into seeing text-based posts by doing the following:

  1. Log in through your Pixelfed server’s website
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Go to Timelines
  4. Go to Show text-only posts and tick the box, then click Submit

If you change your mind, do the same thing again but untick the box.

This procedure doesn’t work on the latest versions of Pixelfed though.

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