How do I do likes and re-tweets in Mastodon? And what are bookmarks?

  • The Mastodon equivalent of “Likes” are “Favourites”, click the star ⭐ to favourite a post. Favouriting tells the author that you liked their post, but does not affect the post’s visibility at all.
  • The Mastodon equivalent of a “Re-Tweet” is a “Boost” (and some apps call it a “Re-Blog”). To boost a post, click the circular arrows icon 🔃 or the rocket ship 🚀. Boosted posts will appear in the timeline of everyone who follows you, and boosting will also help a post appear on the trending posts chart in the Explore tab. Boosts are the only way to make a post more visible.
  • There’s also a third option called “Bookmarks” which lets you keep a private list of posts you want to read later. Only you can see your bookmarks, the people you bookmark do not know about it. To bookmark a post click ⋯ underneath the post and then “Bookmark” (some interfaces will also show a bookmark logo which you can click instead).

How do I browse all my Favourites and Bookmarks?

All your favourites and bookmarks are stored for you to browse, but are not shown to the public. Here’s how to browse them:

  • On the official Mastodon apps, go to your profile page and click on the star or bookmark icons at the top of the page.
  • On your server’s website or web app, click on the favourite or bookmark icons on the right side of the screen.
  • Third party apps will have various interfaces, try looking on your profile page or on the options/settings menus.

How do I browse my past Boosts?

You can see all your past Boosts by browsing your profile page, they will be mixed in with your own posts in chronological order based on when you boosted them.

My bookmarks are disappearing! Is this normal?

Bookmarks should not be disappearing. If this is happening to you, it is probably because your server has an incorrect setting for “Content cache retention period”. Please let your server admin know if this is happening, and send them this link to a guide for how to fix it.

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