PeerTube: Video hosting on the Fediverse

PeerTube is a video server for the Fediverse, and allows anyone to start their own independent video site. Because it’s part of the Fedi, PeerTube accounts can be followed by any of the millions of people on Mastodon etc, so even a small site can reach a large number of people. When someone follows a PeerTube account from Mastodon etc, the videos will appear in their timeline and their replies to videos will appear as comments underneath the videos in PeerTube.

PeerTube videos are distributed through a clever peer-to-peer system which means the more people watch a video the more bandwidth it will receive. This allows even smaller servers to host viral videos without needing any data centres or other expensive costs.

You can find out more from the official PeerTube website ⧉. If you just want to see an example of a PeerTube server, ⧉ is a pretty good one. You can discover interesting PeerTube videos by following FediVideo on Mastodon ⧉ and there’s a playlist of all the recommended videos here ⧉.

You can use PeerTube servers through web browsers on any platform, and there are also Android apps such as FediLab and TubeLab ⧉.

If you want to start your own PeerTube server, the easiest option by far is to use a managed hosting service ⧉ as that requires no technical knowledge. If you are techy though, a trickier but cheaper option is to use YunoHost on a VPS ⧉. The most difficult but most flexible option is to install it manually using the official documentation ⧉.

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