Restricting who can follow you in Mastodon

On Mastodon, you can use a follow request system to restrict who can follow you. When it’s switched on, no one can follow you unless you manually approve their request. This can be used to screen who follows you, for example some people use it to screen out spammers.

To restrict who can follow you:

  1. Log in through your server’s website
  2. Go to Edit profile > Require follow requests, tick the box and click Save changes

After you’ve done this, a padlock icon 🔒 will appear next to your username on your profile. Anyone who clicks follow will send a friend request that you have to approve before the follow is activated.

If you change your mind about using friend requests, go back to Edit profile > Require follow requests, untick the box and click Save changes.

Blank profile pictures do NOT mean spammers

Don’t screen followers out just because they have blank profile pictures. Many blind users don’t use profile pictures, but they will have text in their profile. The best way to screen potential followers is to read what they have written about themselves and what they have posted.

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