How do I post a thread on Mastodon?

Mastodon threads are built with the traditional method used on many other social networks.

Here’s how to do this manually in any app:

  1. Post the first part of your thread, and mention that it is the start of the thread
  2. Reply to the post with the second part of the thread
  3. Reply to this reply with the third part etc
  4. Just keep replying to your last previous reply to add the next part, and go through all your posts in order
  5. When you get to the final reply, mention that it’s the end of the thread

Should I number the thread?

A lot of people also number their threads at the bottom of each part to indicate it is in a thread, and which part it is (such as 1/9 on first post in a nine post thread, 2/9 on second part, 3/9 on part 3 etc). Some also optionally add a cotton reel emoji 🧵 next to the first post’s numbering as a visual pun to indicate a thread.

If you’re not sure how many parts a thread will have, you can just number them as 1/X, 2/X, 3/X and then END on the final post. As Mastodon has an edit function, you can add the numbering to a thread afterwards too.

What visibility setting should I use for threads?

If you are posting a public thread, it’s considered polite to use a public visibility setting for the first post but an unlisted visibility setting for the replies in the thread. This means that only the start of the thread shows up on public timelines, and makes them easier to browse. However, if you’re unsure about how to do this don’t worry.

Is there an easier way to create threads? Can I create them in advance in one go instead of manually bit-by-bit?

Some apps and scheduled posting services may include thread-creation systems which let you write the thread in full and then post the thread in one go, but at a technical level they are just doing the above process of replies-to-replies automatically.

If you’re on a computer, you can use a notepad application to type the whole thread in one go, then split it into bits by copying and pasting sections of your text over to Mastodon.

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