Toot! for iPhone & iPad

Third party Mastodon app, closed source, available from Apple’s App Store (paid) ⧉

General impressions

Lots of personality, presented in a whimsical and fun style, not corporate at all.

Nice stuff

  • Mature and stable, one of the longest-maintained apps, been around longer than the official apps
  • Supports all timelines (home, federated, local), explore/trending tab, lists, hashtag following
  • Supports post editing
  • London Underground-style colourful discussion maps make threads much easier to navigate
  • Laid out clearly with text explaining things instead of blank icons, support for variable font size too
  • Allows multiple accounts at once and easy-to-use switcher in corner of screen
  • Unique and fun easter eggs including “user scanning”, a pool simulator with a mysterious scoring system and more
  • Timeline syncing between devices through iCloud
  • The “in-app purchases” are actually just parodies which you don’t need to buy, they don’t add any features

Potential drawbacks

  • Search box is awkwardly hidden in a menu
  • The message bubbles can feel a bit overwhelming when there are lots of them, but they can be switched off

Hints & Tips

  • You can find the search box by going to the Home or Notifications tab, then clicking ⋯ and then Search
  • To find the Explore, Local and Federated feeds, click your server’s icon in the bottom right corner and then select the feed you want from the menu at the top of the screen

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