Fedi.Tips is an informal, unofficial guide for non-technical people who want to use Mastodon and the wider Fediverse. Browse the contents on the index below.

Let me know if I’ve missed something, or if there’s something you don’t understand.

You can follow my FediTips account on the Fediverse at @feditips@mstdn.social ⧉, or if you have a newsreader you can use RSS ⧉.

There are also other non-technical guides available such as An Increasingly Less-Brief Guide to Mastodon ⧉ and the multilingual Mastodon Help ⧉.

DON’T FEEL OVERWHELMED! You do not need to read all of these articles! There are a lot of links below because people have asked me all kinds of questions over the past couple of years. You will probably never need to read most of the stuff on this site. The links are organised with more basic stuff at the top and getting more complex as it goes towards the bottom of the page. Newer people will probably find the answers they need nearer the top of the page.

♿ Accessibility Notice: The following links are organised hierarchically, with heading links to the pages and lists of links underneath each heading which lead directly to sections of the pages.

Mastodon and the Fediverse: Beginners Start Here

How to use Mastodon and the Fediverse: Basic Tips

Staying Safe


How to use Mastodon and the Fediverse: Advanced Tips

The Fediverse beyond Mastodon

Running your own server on Mastodon and the Fediverse

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